Certificate in English

Department of Languages

Dr. Lucas Hardy, Graduate Director
240 DeBartolo Hall

Certificate Description

This is a six-course certificate (18 semester hours) specifically targeted at teachers in the College in High School program. It responds directly to the state's demand for training College in High School teachers and to YSU's recent scholarship program for such teachers.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for this graduate certificate must meet the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at YSU.

Certificate Requirements

ENGL 6906Teaching of Literature3
ENGL 6907Teaching of Writing3
ENGL 6922Twentieth-Century American3
ENGL 6915Early American Studies3
or ENGL 6917 Nineteenth-Century American Studies
Select two of the following:6
The Medieval World
Sixteenth- and 17th-Century British Studies
Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama
Restoration and 18th-Century British Studies
Early American Studies
Nineteenth-Century British Studies
Nineteenth-Century American Studies
Studies in Young Adult Literature
Twentieth-Century British Studies
Working Class Literature
Studies in Romanticism
Perspectives in Multicultural Studies
Studies in Literary Form
English Education Seminar
Studies in English Education
Total Semester Hours18

Learning Outcomes

  1. Certificate in English students will situate texts in the appropriate literary, historical, intellectual, and cultural contexts to promote dual-enrollment student learning.
  2. Certificate in English students will analyze and model how the production and reception of language, writing, and literature are influenced by plurality in form/genre, culture, and identity.
  3. Certificate in English students will present and model ideas about literature and language in a manner appropriate for the dual-enrollment high school classroom.
  4. Certificate in English students will demonstrate skill in teaching dual-enrollment students how to write persuasively and analytically about literature and language.
  5. Certificate in English students will demonstrate skill in teaching dual-enrollment students how to write analytically and persuasively for multiple college disciplines.