Public Management Program

The public management track is designed to provide a broad background in government and economics for students who plan a career in national, state, or local government. The program also gives students exposure to specific skills.

This major is designed to prepare students to directly enter the workforce in the public sector, pursue a master of public administration, and pursue careers in the non-profit sector.

Professional training of public servants contributes to the fulfillment of the Mission of Youngstown State University, which states that the "University and public service are seen, not only as interrelated, but also as fundamental to endeavors both within and outside the University."

Because of the required area specialty, a minor is not required for this track.

YSU 1500Success Seminar1-2
or SS 1500 Strong Start Success Seminar
or HONR 1500 Intro to Honors
General Education Requirements
Writing 1
Writing 2
Communication Foundations
Mathematics Requirement
Arts and Humanities6
Natural Science7
Social Science (Met in Major - POL 1560, ECON 2610)0
Social and Personal Awareness6
Foreign Language Requirement8
Elementary Foreign Language (or FNLG 1505)
Intermediate Foreign Language (or FNLG 1506)
Major Requirements
POL 1560American Government3
ECON 2610Principles 1: Microeconomics3
ECON 2630Principles 2: Macroeconomics3
ECON 3702Public Finance3
POL 3718American Public Policy and Policy Analysis3
POL 3720Public Management3
POL 3722State and Local Government3
POL 3724Public Budgeting3
POL 4801Senior Research Seminar3
ACCT 2602Financial Accounting3
SOC 3701Social Statistics4
Select one of the following:3
Political Thought 1
Political Thought 2
Political Thought 3
Select one of the following:
MGT 3725Fundamentals of Management3
or MGT 3750 Managing Individuals in Organizations
Select 9 additional credits to define an area specialty. See the Coordinator of Politics and International Relations for details.9
MINOR14- 18
Electives (Minimum 29 s.h.)29
Total Semester Hours120-125
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
YSU 1500 Success Seminar 1
POL 1560 American Government 3
ENGL 1550 Writing 1 3
MATH 2623 Quantitative Reasoning 3
FNLG 1550 Elementary Foreign Language 4
 Semester Hours14
POL 2640 Contemporary World Governments 3
POL 2660 International Relations 3
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 3
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
FNLG 2600 Intermediate Foreign Language 4
 Semester Hours16
Year 2
Arts and Humanities 15XX26XX 3
Social and Personal Awareness 15XX/26XX 3
ECON 2610 Principles 1: Microeconomics 3
Natural Science 15XX/26XX 3
Social Science 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours15
POL 3785-87 Political Thought 3
POL 37XX Domestic or International 3
ECON 2630 Principles 2: Macroeconomics 3
Natural Science + Lab 15XX/26XX 3
Social and Personal Awareness 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 3
POL 3722 State and Local Government 3
POL 3720 Public Management 3
ACCT 2602 Financial Accounting 3
ECON 3702 Public Finance 3
Arts and Humanities 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours15
POL 3718 American Public Policy and Policy Analysis 3
Social Science 15XX 3
MGT 3725 Fundamentals of Management OR MGT 3750 Human Behavior in Organization 3
SOC 3701 Social Statistics 4
Elective 3
 Semester Hours16
Year 4
POL 3724 Public Budgeting 3
POL 4810 Urban Internship Seminar 2-4
Specialty XXXX 3
Specialty XXXX 3
Specialty XXXX 3
 Semester Hours14-16
POL 4801 Senior Research Seminar 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
 Semester Hours12
 Total Semester Hours117-119