About The College of Graduate Studies

Advance your degree, advance your career.

The graduate faculty members at Youngstown State University are highly qualified and successful in research, scholarly and creative works. Our programs offer the latest developments in research and technology. Most importantly the college highly values teaching. This means that the focus is on you and your professional development. Graduate programs are designed to provide you with growth in both theory and practice. Field experiences are available and encouraged. In addition there are many opportunities to engage in research, scholarship and creative works with faculty members.

Graduate faculty members are accessible both in and out of the classroom. This provides you with the professional and personal interaction needed to develop your potential in addition to increasing your career mobility. Whether you have a specific career path in mind, or are seeking broader professional growth, you’ll find solid educational value at Youngstown State University. Pursue your graduate education here at YSU. You’ll find high quality graduate education at our remarkable university.